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Any divorce is difficult, but the process becomes even more complicated when spouses cannot agree on the terms of the divorce. This is known as contested divorce. This situation that typically results in the parties going to court to resolve the various issues of their divorce.

If you are not able to come to an agreement with your spouse, it’s important that you seek assistance from an experienced contested divorce attorney in Eau Claire. The attorneys at Otto & Steiner Law are prepared to assist you with all aspects of your divorce.

Otto & Steiner Law, S.C. can help you fight for your rights and best interests throughout the divorce process. We offer personalized legal counsel, methodical strategies, and uncompromising representation, both in and out of the courtroom.

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What Makes a Divorce “Contested”?

Essentially, a contested divorce is one in which the separating spouses cannot agree on one or more matters related to the divorce. Disagreeing on even one aspect of your divorce will lead to a judge deciding on this issue in court. In addition to multiple hearings, an especially contentious split can result in a full-on divorce trial.

You may be facing a contested divorce if you and your spouse cannot agree on any of the following:

  • Where your shared children will live
  • Who is responsible for child support payments
  • How much time the other parent can spend with your child
  • How any shared property will be divided
  • Who will be assigned which debts
  • If a piece of real property is marital or separate property
  • How much spousal support should be paid and by whom
  • How the various assets of your marriage will be divided
  • How a shared business will be divided
  • Any other issue related to your marriage/divorce

Clearly, a contested divorce can become incredibly complicated, not to mention emotional for the parties involved. During this time, it’s crucial to have a skilled attorney who can act as an objective voice of reason while fighting for your rights.

Committed to Easing Your Stress

At Otto & Steiner Law, S.C., we understand that any family law matter, including contested divorces, can be extremely overwhelming—emotionally and financially. With this in mind, we are dedicated to easing your stress as much as possible by offering affordable legal services and payment plans.

No matter your situation, you can rely on our Eau Claire attorneys to remain by your side. We offer honest advice, experience-based counsel, and unwavering support from start to finish.

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