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Once a spouse has requested alimony payments, an attorney can guide the former couple to an agreement outside of the court or bring the case to litigation in front of a judge.

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How Are Alimony Payments Decided in Wisconsin?

Divorce can be hard on a family. One of the many contentious issues addressed is alimony, or spousal support.

What is Alimony?

Alimony is a court-ordered payment, either on a continuing basis or one lump-sum, that one spouse provides to the other. The purpose of these payments is to help one spouse adjust to life after the divorce, especially if they have been out of the workforce for some time. Alimony is intended to provide financial support to the spouse with a lower income, or no income at all in some cases. Sometimes known as spousal maintenance in some states, alimony can be awarded to a husband or wife. Most states have laws stating that divorcing spouses are entitled to the same quality of life they had when married.

Wisconsin alimony can be granted based upon:

  • Age and physical condition of each spouse
  • Length of time until a spouse can be financially self-sufficient
  • Standard of living
  • Length of the marriage
  • The ability of the payer to support themselves
  • Contribution to the marriage

What are the Different Types of Alimony in Wisconsin?

Alimony is generally thought of as one thing, but there are many spousal support options that can be addressed during a divorce proceeding.

There are four types of alimony recognized in the state of Wisconsin:

  • Lump-Sum: A pre-agreed upon payment is paid at once and cannot be modified after the fact.
  • Indefinite term: Spousal support payments to provide support for the other spouse with no definite end date.
  • Limited term: The same as the indefinite term alimony except there is a set end date.
  • Temporary: A short-term spousal support option that keeps the household bills paid during the duration of the divorce case.

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Every divorce is different. Our Eau Claire alimony lawyers can discuss your options in order to build a plan that works best for you and your unique situation.

Our legal team of Wisconsin alimony lawyers bring a personal touch to our law firm by remaining accessible to clients during their cases. We are happy to break down complex concepts into understandable language that lets you know we care about the outcome. Our firm strives to provide an optimal, personalized solution that addresses your financial and emotional needs.

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